MyRack Cable Crossover (One Side)

MyRack Cable Crossover Helps You Workout Virtually Every Muscle In Your Body

The Nuts and Bolts

The Force USA MyRack fully adjustable Cable Cross Over attachment can work virtually every muscle in your body in multiple ways and attaches easily to either side of your MyRack base unit. 

Unlike other Cable Crossover attachments, the MyRack offers floating pulleys, giving the user 28 different adjustment points to hit a variety of exercises!

Plus, the single-hand pop-pin adjustment system makes it easy to move the pulley up and down quickly.

The MyRack Cable Crossover attachment is fully interchangeable on both sides of the rack. So you’ll have the option to purchase one attachment for a single side or two attachments allowing for a huge variety of exercises.

Exclusively compatible with the Force USA MyRack.

Note: This adds 52 inches to the overall width of the MyRack Base Unit.


  • 2:1 Pulley Ratio
  • Low-row folding footplate
  • 28 Adjustment options
  • Standard and Olympic weight plate adapters (32mm and 50mm plates)
  • Seat option available to perform lat pulldowns


  • 1 x Stirrup Handle


Weight Rating:
Pulleys: 880 lb (400 kg)
Cables: 2000 lb (907 kg)
Pulley Ratio:
2:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 50 lb

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