Force USA vs Knockoffs

Force USA is home of the original All-In-One Trainer, a revolutionary design that has transformed home fitness. Our space saving innovations have unfortunately attracted 'white label' companies who imitate our products. These companies may try to replicate our designs, but they lack the quality, safety, and functionality that Force USA is known for around the world.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

To ensure you're getting the authentic Force USA experience, buy directly from our website or authorized retailers. This is the only way to be certain you're receiving a product that lives up to our high standards.

Remember, if a deal seems unbelievably good, it probably is. These knock-offs may look similar to our products, but they are vastly inferior in terms of safety features, material quality, and precision construction.

Our knock-offs often cut corners with thinner steel uprights, shorter weight shrouds, shorter smith machine sleeves, removing knurling, poor welds, cheap finishes, and lighter weight stacks.

We have no connection to these imitations and cannot vouch for your safety or experience if you choose to purchase them. Our commitment to quality and customer safety means we actively monitor and take legal action against those who produce and sell these inferior knock-offs.

Accept No Substitutes

As the leading brand, we've encountered numerous concerning stories from individuals who opted for a knock-off version of our innovative design. Below are real-life examples from people who've called us who regretted their purchase:

  • Customers paying for a product that never arrives.
  • Little to no return policy, making it impossible to get a refund.
  • A part is broken or missing and they can't get a replacement sent.
  • Paying outrageous restocking fees when they decided to return their items.
  • Lack of response from customer service post-purchase.
  • Claiming their products were made at Force USA's factories.
  • Extremely delayed shipping, often from overseas.
  • Sellers operating from overseas with no U.S.-based customer service.
  • Products that feel "cheap", "wobbly", and "unsafe."
  • Received items not matching website images.
  • Damaged products with no available replacement parts.
  • Guarantees were promised that were not honored.

To avoid these issues, buy directly from or by calling 1 (385) 557-2554. This way, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're getting a genuine product that meets our brand's high standards for safety, materials, and quality of construction.

Plus, you'll be supported by a real company in the United States, offering a 30-day return policy and a lifetime structural warranty.