Force USA Folding MyRack Reviews

The first full folding power rack of its kind, the Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack offers an innovative design unlike other power racks on the market. Thanks to its folding design, the power rack does not need to be mounted to a wall or otherwise setup in a permanent location. Yet, when fully opened, the power rack offers more interior space and holds twice the weight of other similar products in the industry.

What's Included in the Box?

The Force USA Folding MyRack PowerRack includes the rack and chin up bar only. With this base rack in place, you can purchase the specific accessories and attachments that you want to help achieve your fitness goals.

Optional Folding MyRack attachments include:

  • MyRack Band Pegs: Four 10” powder-coated band pegs for resistance band training.
  • MyRack Dip Handle: Capable of being affixed anywhere on the rack with a weight rating of 880 pounds.
  • MyRack Landmine: Allows for rotational torso training and upper body training.
  • MyRack Weight Plate Holders: Four low-cost, space-efficient holders for weight plate storage.
  • MyRack Standard J-Hooks: Constructed from 8 mm steel with solid pin rods. Offers a static weight rating of 1760 pounds and features a nylon insert to prevent damage to your barbell during racking.
  • MyRack Deluxe J-Hooks: Allows for heavier weight training with a static weight rating of 2645 pounds. Includes a nylon cover of the entire face of the hook.
  • MyRate Monolift System: Assists with achieving your heaviest lifts by eliminating the need to walk way from or toward the rack with weight on your shoulders. Offers a static weight rating of 2645 pounds.
  • MyRack Safety Spotter Arms: Adjustable half safeties with a weight rating of 1000 pounds.
  • MyRack Safety Slings: Protects your body and your equipment even during your heaviest lifts. Offers a weight rating of 1000 pounds.
  • MyRack Box Tube Safeties: A set of two box tube safeties that are easily adjustable. Features nylon inserts to protect your barbell and offers a weight rating of 1500 pounds.
  • Force USA MyBench: Bench that quickly adjusts from flat to incline to decline. Offers a weight rating of 705 pounds.
  • Force USA Commercial FID Bench: Bench with flat, incline and decline options offering a weight rating of 1300 pounds.
  • Force USA Light Commercial Flat Bench: Offers a weight rating of 881 pounds, making it one of the strongest light flat benches on the market.
  • Force USA Heavy Duty Commercial Flat Bench: Thick, heavy gauge steel tubing and commercial grade bolts give this bench a 1700 pound weight rating.

Key Features of the Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack

The Folding MyRack Power Rack has much to offer for both the casual and serious bodybuilder. Some of the key features of this power rack include:

  • 100 Percent Customizable
  • Hundreds of Potential Configurations
  • Over 50 Exercise Variations Possible
  • 2,000 Pound Capacity
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

Dimensions of the Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack

The Force USA Folding MyRack Power rack measures 41 inches deep, 49 inches wide and 86 inches high when fully assembled. The folded dimensions, however, reduce the size to 20 inches deep, 52 inches wide and 84 inches high. Made with 12-gauge steel uprights, the unit features 54 adjustment points covering the front and back along with 5/8-inch accessory holes and 2.4-inch by 2.4-inch uprights. Made from laser-cut steel construction, the unit weighs 176 pounds and is shipped to your home in three separate boxes.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack

The Force USA Folding MyRack Power Racks makes an excellent addition to any home gym. While there are many reasons to include this unit in your home gym, some of the key reasons include:

  • Versatility: Thanks to its innovative design, this power rack can be used to hit a full array of muscle groups. Squats, bench presses, overhead presses, deadlifts and more are all possible with this power rack and its available accessories.
  • Customizability: The power rack features 54 different numbered adjustment points, allowing for users of any size to achieve the perfect position for squats, bench presses and more. The lower bench level heights offer 1-inch spacing while the squat height levels offer 2-inch spacing.
  • Space Saving Design: Capable of folding up in order to be placed out of the way, this power rack is designed to save space when not in use. Even if you have only a tight space available to store your power rack, you will have no problem finding a fit.
  • Quick Set Up: Thanks to the innovative pop-pin technology used in its design, this power rack can be easily set up in less than 10 seconds.
  • Stability: Despite its small footprint, this power rack features industrial-strength construction designed to maximize safety. Forged wit precision welded, laser cut 12-gauge steel, this rack is so strong that it is even bulletproof. In all, the rack offers literally hundreds of different configuration options.

Force USE Folding MyRack Power Rack Summary

With its customizability and versatility, this power rack allows you to build your home gym from the ground up. You select the accessories that will best help you to work toward achieving your health and fitness goals and this rack will serve as your base. Whether you train weightlifting, Crossfit, powerlifting, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, gymnastics or any other sort of bodybuilding or weight loss training, the Folding MyRack offers a safe, high-quality solution to your home gym needs.

Easy to put together and made from sturdy construction, this power rack has customers saying that, “Overall the quality is spot on,” “the rack feels very sturdy” and “everything fit together nicely”. Additional customer reviews have noted that “the rack is so compact and out of the way when it is folded, and with a few easy steps it transforms into a normal power rack”. At least one satisfied customer further stated, “I would definitely buy it again, and I plan on recommending the rack to everyone that will listen!”. In short, if you are looking for a power rack that you can customize to meet your unique needs, you don’t have to look any further than the Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack!

Force USA Folding MyRack Reviews

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