Force USA Storage Racks

Keep All Your Attachments, Upgrades, and Accessories Easily Within Reach

Force USA® Storage Racks are patent-pending state-of-the-art storage systems for your All-In-One Trainer's attachments, accessories, and upgrades. Available in your choice of Base and Pro models, each version is the perfect companion to any Force USA All-In-One Trainer with 2x2 or 3x3 uprights. These convenient storage solutions streamline your workouts and make your space less cluttered and safe.

Peg Board

The Storage Racks feature a versatile peg board design, allowing for efficient front and back storage. This innovative system provides easy access and organization for your gym equipment, ensuring everything you need is within reach. Compatible with all G and X-Series accessories, attachments, and upgrade kits. 

Mounting Points

With multi-directional mounting points on its frame uprights, this rack is fully compatible with Force USA's All-In-One ecosystem. This feature allows for seamless integration and customization of your gym space, accommodating a variety of attachments and tools.

Rubber Coated Anchors

The rack's anchors are coated with durable rubber and designed to securely hold all attachments and accessories in the Force USA product ecosystem. This thoughtful design ensures stability and protects your equipment from scratches and damage.

  • Base includes 15 attachment anchors (2x long, 6x medium, 7x short)
  • Pro includes 20 attachment anchors (4x long, 8x medium, 8x short)

Transport Wheels

Our Storage Racks include four multi-directional locking dolly wheels with a 360-degree swivel caster for ultimate convenience and mobility. These wheels allow you to easily move and reposition the rack as needed, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of your workout area.

Easy Organization

Both Force USA® Storage Racks are more than just storage solutions; they're a way to optimize your training sessions. With everything organized and easily accessible, you can maintain the tempo and timing critical for achieving results, especially when using the Force USA Training App. Watch your performance improve as you train with precision and efficiency.


  • Materials: Steel, rubber, aluminum
  • Attachments:
    • Base: 15 attachment anchors - 2x long, 6x medium, 7x short
    • Pro: 20 attachment anchors - 4x long, 8x medium, 8x short
  • Product Weight:
    • Base: 49 lb
    • Pro: 80 lb
  • Load Capacity:  16.5 lb per peg
  • Dimensions:
    • Base: 56 in (H) x 26 in (W) x 28 in (D)
    • Pro: 71 in (H) x 38 in (W) x 32 in (D)
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