Force USA G10 and G15 Upgrade Kit

Level Up Your Force USA G10 or G15

The upgrade kit adds three strength training stations, three functional attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves.

Jammer Arms

Perform multiple explosive lifts, including incline bench presses, bent-over rows, deadlifts, shrugs, squats, snatches, lunges, and more.

Adjustable Vertical Leg Press Plate

Never skip leg day again! The Leg Press Plate transforms the Fixed Smith Machine Bar into a Vertical Leg Press Machine.

Core Trainer

Allows for a wide range of upper body training when using a barbell. Attaches to either side of the front rack to adapt to your workout space.

Barbell Row Handle

Perfect for rotational torso training, including squats, half-kneeling presses, single-arm presses, standing presses, landmine rows, and more.

Single Metal Handle (Pair)

The metal stirrup handles attach to the functional trainer cable system and features smooth-rolling bearings and comfortable grip knurling.

TV Mount

Bolts directly to the structure—no drilling required! Accommodates up to 32-inch screens (flat or curved) so you can watch your favorite shows while you work out.

Ankle Cuff

Target your lower body with straight leg hip flexions, inner thigh pulls, hip abductions, 45-degree kickbacks, standing leg extensions, and more.

4 x Storage Shelves

Includes four metal shelves (18"x16") perfect for storing attachments, dumbells, kettlebells, cups, gloves, and more.

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