Monster G9 Commercial All-In-One Strength Training System


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Introducing the new  Monster G9 Commercial all-in-one strength training system that offers over 300 exercises in one!

Engineered in the USA to be tough, sturdy and uncommonly versatile. The Monster G9 is the commercial version of our popular Monster G3 strength training system.

The G9 combines a power rack, smith machine, cable pulley system, chin up station, dip station, vertical leg press, low row, and core trainer. It’s like having eight strength training machines in one compact unit!

High-performance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and for those wanting the strength training edge while training at home, the Monster G9 is designed to exceed strength training and rehab goals in residential and professional settings.



Our professional customers asked for a Monster G3 that was ready for full commercial use, included more attachments, and featured a counterbalanced smith machine. That’s why we created the Monster Commercial G9!



Engineered for professional use

Engineered to withstand the rigors of professional use while being extremely versatile, the Monster G9 is rugged, innovative and built to last.


Counterbalanced smith machine

Counterbalanced smith machine counteracts the weight of the bar that allows you to lift the true weight of the eight plates you put on the bar without any extra math to factor in the weight of the bar.


Attachments galore

The Monster G9 includes more attachments including a Vertical Leg Press, Dip Station, and Low Row Station. Like the Monster G3, it also includes a Landmine Station, Lat Pull Down Bar, Knee Support for Lat Pull Down, T-Bar, Olympic Lock Collars, Barbell J-hooks, Safety Spotting Arms, and many other!


  • You want eight strength training machines in one compact system
  • You have professional training clients and need a versatile machine
  • You want more workouts per square inch of floor space
  • You want the professional strength training edge while training at home


The Monster G9 is truly eight strength training machines in one compact unit:

  1. Power Rack– Whether you want to bench or squat, we’ve got you covered. Adjustable commercial J-Hooks allow you to vertically adjust heights when lifting or squatting.
  2. Functional Trainer– Dual cable pulley system that each connects to weight plates with two 12” sleeves that hold up to twelve 2” plates. Cables are aircraft grade with a massive 2,000 lbs. weight rating. Pulley systems are easily adjusted vertically on the structure with one hand.
  3. Smith Machine– Innovative counter-balanced commercial Smith Machine and commercial grade guide rails prove ultra-smooth movement. Innovative safety catch allows you to max out your training without requiring the need for a spotter. The bar features state of the art commercial grade knurling for a solid—yet comfortable—feel.
  4. Vertical Leg Press– Force USA offers the only Functional Trainer of its kind to include a leg press attachment that you can use either on a bench or when in use on the floor.
  5. Chin Up Station- Ergonomically designed multi-grip chin up and pull up station with a massive 771 lbs. weight rating. Accommodates Classic Grip, Hammer Grip, Wide Grip, Narrow Grip, and Pronated Grip.
  6. Dip Station- The Multi-Grip Dip Handle attachments provide different width options for you to choose from. Conveniently adjusts the height to use weight belts or resistance bands.
  7. Core Trainer– Includes an attached landmine station that is suited for all types of rotational torso training and allows for a wide range of upper body training when using a barbell (barbell sold separately).
  8. Low Row– The low row station delivers a full body workout that mimics the motion of rowing a boat in the water. It strengthens and tones your upper and lower body simultaneously.

Rather than purchasing these machines individually, save thousands of dollars and fit them all into a third of the floor space with the all-new Monster G9!


  • 6x Olympic Sized Weight Plate holders
  • Olympic and Standard Barbell holders
  • Vertical Leg Press Attachment
  • Core Trainer
  • Knee support for Lat Pull Down
  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • T-Bar / V-Bar Row
  • Olympic Lock Collars
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles
  • J-hooks with Rubberized Inserts
  • Safety Spotting Arms
  • Exercise Chart


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Glycolytic Efficiency
  • Concentric
  • Eccentric (Negative)
  • Compound
  • Isolation
  • Plyometric
  • Slow Twitch
  • Fast Twitch Fibers


  • Assembled: 79” (W) x 53” (D) x 88” (H)


  • Unit – 992 lbs.
  • Smith Machine – 771 lbs.
  • Cables – 2,000 lbs.


  • 1:1 - If you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is 100 lbs


Download G9 Manual Here

Monster G9 Features:

The comprehensive training solution. Only the Force USA Monster G9 has this quantity and quality of strength training features.

Perform over 75 different exercises. 32 height positions allow you to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest Back, Core and Legs exercises. Fluid cable movement via commercial grade pulleys. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer/cable crossover packed with additional features.

Comfortable and safe lock and release of the bar. Commercial grade guide rails provide ultra-smooth movement. Safety catches so you can max out your training load without needing a spotter.

Commercial Grade J-Hooks and Safeties designed to handle the heaviest loads while also protecting your barbell.

Ergonomic multi-grip chin up/pull up station. Massive 770 lb. weight rating. Knurling grips positioned for wide-grip, close-grip, underhand, overhand and varied movements.

Suspension trainer ring compatible with packages sold separately such as TRX® and others. Great for functional training.

Keep your training space tidy. The G9 includes built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates, and cable attachments.

Beware of imitators! Make sure it’s Force USA for the best quality AND compatibility with all future Force USA expansion items.

Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing. Only the best grade steel is used in every component to ensure your Monster G9 is the highest quality and built to last.

Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long-lasting protection.

Top of the line 6.2mm nylon coated mil spec aircraft quality cables tested to 2000 lbs! Steel alloy thimbles end in machine sealed clamps for the ultimate and safest workout!

Components of the Monster G9 are laser cut to be precision perfect. Maximized structural integrity and easy assembly.

Train your whole body in one session. With so many possible training options you can perform Full Body Training in the most efficient and effective manner.

American innovation and design. Superior quality; strength and stability. Make sure it’s Force USA. The trusted name in strength equipment.

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