Pro Series Barbell

A Pro Grade Olympic Barbell to Maximize Your Lifts

The Nuts and Bolts

The Pro Series Barbell includes class-leading features with dual knurl marks for easy-lifting hand positioning, 190k PSI tensile strength, bronze bushings for durability, and an incredibly reliable spin on every rep.

Made with Force USA's trademark toughness and versatility, this is a must-have in any home or commercial gym.


Force USA continues to push the bar with its range of barbells, and the Pro Series will tick all your 'most wanted' boxes. This 44 lb barbell includes:

  • A 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel can withstand the heaviest weight sessions
  • Dual knurl marks for Olympic and Powerlifting offer correct positioning and alignment
  • No center knurl to protect skin during dynamic movements
  • Standard knurling is designed to grip but not rip your hands
  • Bright zinc sleeves allow for smooth weight changes and will stand the test of time
  • A 41cm (16.4") loadable sleeve length so you can lift heavy and work with increments

The bronze bushings deliver an ultra-reliable spin on your Olympic lifts such as the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. The bushings are an essential feature to evenly disperse weight across the bar—meaning less force on your body and less chance of injury.


Your Force USA Pro Series has a 28.5mm diameter shaft for your Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and multi-purpose barbell requirements, allowing you to perform a vast array of barbell exercise movements.

This bar can handle both powerlifting and slow strength movements and dynamic and explosive lift exercises—perfect for functional training with a good whip factor.


Best Use:
Multipurpose / All-Rounder
Overall Length:
86.6 in (2200 mm)
Overall Weight:
45 lb / 20 kg
Grip Diameter:
28.5 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length:
16 in (410 mm)
Knurling Style:
Knurling Spec:
Dual : IPF / IWF
Shaft Coating:
Black Zinc
Sleeve Coating:
Bright Zinc
Tensile Strength:
190,000 PSI
Weight Tolerance:
Straightness Accuracy:
±0.25 mm
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