Force USA Training App FAQ

Have questions about the Force USA Training App? Here's the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Does the Training App include cardio workouts?

The App does not currently have any cardio workouts. Our strength workouts will test your cardiovascular system but the Force USA Training App currently does not prescribe walking, jogging etc.

How will I know how to perform the movements?

Each movement in your program is linked to a video tutorial. This short, 15-second video tutorial, is designed to jog your memory. The App was not designed to provide long tutorials. Make sure you are ready to train by reviewing your movements before you start your session.

Will the App tell me what exercises to do next?

Yes. The App will tell you what exercise is coming next. It will even tell you what equipment you will need for the next exercise. You'll need to set up for your next exercise in the rest periods.

Will the App track my personal bests across different movements?

The feature will be released very soon. Once released the App will use your lifting data to find all your personal bests. So keep training hard. Your achievements will be recognized once we release this App.

Does the Training App keep a record of past workouts?

This feature is planned for release in Spring 2023. But don't worry, all your previous workouts are in the App. You will be able to view your entire workout history when this feature is released in the Spring.

Can I share my workout results?

Yes, we have provided several options for your to share your success.

What is Tempo / Time Under Tension?

Tempo/Time Under tension is the speed at which you perform each repetition. Each set has an associated 4 digits number. Each number represents the number of seconds that should be taken at each phase of the movement. For example. Bench Press, 3010: 3 - Take 3 seconds to lower the barbell to your chest (eccentric phase). 0 - Do not pause with the weight resting on your chest (first pause phase), 1 - Raise the weight at speed using one second to return the barbell to the starting positions (concentric phase), 0 - Do not rest before starting the next repetition (second pause phase).

Can I do a workout that targets a particular body part?

Yes. The explore section allows you to complete extra workouts to target different body parts.

Why are the active and rest period of my workout timed using stopwatch?

Each movement has a prescribed 'tempo'. Performed at the right speed and you will receive the correct amount of load on your muscles. Monitor to Active Stopwatch to gauge if you are performing the movement at the correct speed. We also measure rest times. It's important to adhere to both parameters to maximize the gains from your programs.

Can I skip a workout?

Yes, you can skip a workout. Try to avoid this if you are looking to build a perfect performance pyramid.

What happens if I skip a workout?

If the workout is skipped it will result in zero progress on the performance pyramid.

Can I pause the workout if I need to take a break?

Yes, you will be able to pause the workout and take a break by pressing the pause button.

What is the purpose of the pyramid?

The Performance Pyramid is a visual representation of your performance during your strength program. A Pyramid with no gaps at the end of your programs signals that you have completed your program correctly.

Has Force USA got any plans to add additional features to the App?

Yes. The launch of the Force USA Training App is just the beginning. We have many exciting ideas. Together with the Force USA community, we can shape the future of fitness and strength.

    Do my accessories and attachments need to be organized to use the App?

    Yes, it is assumed your accessories will be organized like tools in a shed. Easy access is essential to execute programs.