Shipping Delays

This page will be updated daily and kept current during this ever-evolving situation.

Expect Shipping Delays

Thank you in advance for your patience as we all work hard to deliver your order promptly. We are experiencing longer shipping timeframes than usual due to circumstances out of our direct control. 

Watch the CBS news story below for more information on the root cause of shipping delays.

Estimated Shipping Timeframes

All shipping carriers have reported a Nationwide shortage of trucks and drivers.

This means fewer trucks are showing up less frequently, limiting our ability to load all orders that are picked and ready for pick up. 

Unfortunately, as a result, we cannot guarantee shipping dates.

Please note that the shipping timeframes outlined below are only estimates based on current information. Your results may vary. 

  • We process orders within three business days, which means an order is picked, labeled, and the shipping company is notified for a pick up.
  • After the three day order processing timeframe, it can still take between 7-10 business days for the shipping company to pick up your order.
  • Once your order has been picked up by the freight carrier, it can take between 5-14 business for your order to be delivered.
  • Additionally, please allow up to a week for your tracking number to sync with the shipping company's tracking service.
  • Further shipping delays caused by local disruptions are also possible.

Out of Stock Products

Two primary factors are causing products to go out of stock for long periods. First, there are unpredictable delays in the supply chain outside of our direct control. Second, demand for our home gym products has far outpaced supply. This unfortunate combination makes it difficult to predict when your order will be delivered.

  • We will not provide a back-in-stock date because frequent delays occur due to factors outside our control.
  • Please do not contact customer service inquiring about back-in-stock dates or your location on the waiting list as they DO NOT have that information.
  • Limited quantities are available roughly every 30-45 days. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to those on the waiting list. 
  • Signing up for a waiting list means you will be alerted by email when any inventory is available and we reach your spot on the waiting list.
  • Due to high demand levels, items may sell out before your place in line is reached. Should this occur, we'll notify you of the next release of inventory.
  • We do not accept phone reservations or prepayments for any out-of-stock products.
  • Due to high demand, all strength training machines are limited to one per customer. 

Customer Service

If this page or our help center didn't answer your specific question, please contact our Customer Service Team directly. 

Our Customer Service team is available at 1-385-557-2554 or by email. Customer Service is open Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm (Mountain).