Multi-Functional Trainers

The F-Series include our entry-level residential Multi-Functional Trainers. These are designed for when your primary workouts include cable training and smith machine-related exercises but you want the flexibility of having a power rack for select exercises. Combines a functional trainer, smith machine, power rack, core trainer, chin up, dip, and low row station into the space of a single functional trainer footprint. Both models feature an extra-wide base, 882 lb weight rating, and include an F-Series standard barbell!

Plate Weight Machines

Designed for use with optional plate weights or bumpers when using the Power Rack, Smith Machine or Functional Training systems. Weights and bumpers sold separately.

Stack + Plate Weight Machines

Includes integrated stack weights for use with the functional Training System. Requires optional plate weights or bumper plates when using the Power Rack or Smith Machine. Plate weights and bumpers sold separately.

F-Series Comparison Chart